Mike Rowe and oil and gas workers group shot

Energy Literacy for Industry people.

No matter how long you’ve been in our business, there’s always more to learn. Especially today, as we grapple with a world that is energy hungry while at the same time demanding we rapidly adapt to new technologies and sources. That’s why we’ve put together a program, with easy-to-manage and digest modules, all designed to help you better understand the landscape, the challenges, and the opportunities. It’s time to get energy literate.

A step-by-step tutorial to improve your energy literacy.

We’ve talked to experts.

Videos that tell stories you need to hear.

Learn how to speak energy.

Learn about Oklahoma’s largest industry, from state contributions to environmental stewardship and a realistic look at the future of energy.

Our world needs abundant, reliable, affordable energy.

Let’s find out how we might get there. Cleanly, intelligently, and innovatively.

We all need to get energy literate.

Humanity is always advancing, innovating, transforming. Oil and natural gas transformed the world once; they will help us do it again.