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Energy Literacy for educators.

If you’re an educator, at any level, from grade school to university, energy is a topic on every student’s mind. Our modern world depends on abundant, reliable, and affordable energy. The debate is an important one. Our young people will soon inherit a world that is energy hungry, full of challenges and opportunities. Having a better understanding of where our energy comes from and how it’s produced and distributed is essential. That’s why we have put together a learning program for educators of all levels. We hope you’ll find it both illuminating and worthwhile.

A step-by-step tutorial to improve your energy literacy.

We’ve talked to experts.

Videos that tell stories you need to hear.

Learn how to speak energy.

It’s not an argument; it’s a way to realistically look at our shared future.

Our world needs abundant, reliable, affordable energy.

Let’s find out how we might get there. Cleanly, intelligently, and innovatively.

We all need to get energy literate.

Humanity is always advancing, innovating, transforming. Oil and natural gas transformed the world once; they will help us do it again.